RSL sub branch donate to school sensory room

The RSL Glen Innes Sub branch has recently donated to help supply a special sensory space with equipment for student to use at the Glen Innes Public School.

Last week RSL members visited the school to see their donation at work, and saw the students enjoying all their new sensory equipment.

The 'Chill Zone' is a special sensory space for students at the school from K-6 to use when they need some down time, or require assistance.

"The 'Chill Zone' providing students a place to go to have time to themselves and regulate their emotions is a good start," RSL sub branch president Ken Michell said.

A month ago the RSL received a letter from the public school requesting assistance.

"We took it to the meeting and the members unanimously passed the motion to contribute the amount for the purchase of the sensory items," Mr Michell said.

"Every year we like donate to schools in particular because they assist us throughout the year. It is a good avenue to bring our history to attention for remembrance to the children."

Students suffering from sensory issues will now be able to use the space and equipment thanks to the generous donation of $2800 from the RSL sub branch.

"At the rate of kids with autism or ADHD and other sensory issues in the coming years there could be more children who will need to utilise the space," Mr Michell said.

"The room provides a terrific place for students to go and have some solitude. It is a special room where all the items are specially for children with autism or ADHD and other sensory issues."

In the coming years it is projected for the sensory area to expand with an outdoor area.

"The school are planning to have an outdoor area for the kids to go and which will have sensory playground items out there in the designated area," Mr Michell said.

"The area will hopefully expand a little for the future influx of students to use and enjoy the facility.

"There are quite a few students in need of the area and the RSL sub branch were glad to help.

"We like to help wherever we can."

The 'Chill Zone' will help current students by giving them a safe space.

Ken Michell