Healthwise host the first 'Men Like Us' comedy show in Glen Innes

Bringing a night filled with laughter to the Glen Innes community Healthwise hosted their first 'Men Like Us' show over the weekend.

The residents of Glen Innes found themselves enjoying a night full of laughs at the Healthwise 'Men Like Us' show at the Bowling club on Friday, 23 October.

The 'Men Like Us' events, held at Glen Innes and Torrington hall over the weekend, were sponsored by Healthwise as part of their commitment to healthier communities.

Comedians Lindsay Webb and Dan Willis had the audience in hysterics as they shared comedy, humour and the opportunity to simply laugh together.

The free event provided the audience with entertainment, and the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic event with the company of friends and family in the community.

While laughter was the main event, the comic relief event also provided the opportunity for community members, who were impacted by the recent bushfires, to enjoy and leave with the Healthwise and Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAHMP) message to "look after yourself".

Healthwises' Senior Primary Care Nurse Fiona Robison from Narrabri was in attendance while both events were supported by Andrew Daley from RAMHP - based in Tenterfield - and Glen Innes primary health care nurse Jillyan Jopson.

Audiences in both Glen Innes and Torrington were delighted with the fantastic entertainment.