Stannum bush nursing home in 1937: History Matters

History Matters || Bush nursing hospital had no doctor or nurse

On May 15, 1937, The Examiner ran this report from the inspector and organiser of the Bush Nursing Association.

Nine miles from Deepwater lies the township of Stannum, tin mining being the main industry.

This part does well when water is plentiful, and the price of tin is high, otherwise the men are out of work with all its serious consequences.

The police patrols of Deepwater and Torrington each have over 1000 people without a medical officer or even a trained nurse. So Stannum makes a good centre [for a Bush Nursing Hospital] for these districts, nine miles and eight miles distant.

Some of the farmers live in wild country where roads are difficult and amongst the many visited not one refused to join and become a member.

Suitable accommodation was not available so a number of men offered to give their services to put up two rooms immediately, which is considered will cost £60.

Meanwhile a nurse has been appointed who will for the present find temporary accommodation in the township'.

The first annual meeting reported the building had cost £100, (including timber lining £24) and other present assets - furniture £10, land £10, estimated drugs on hand £5.

Three nursing sisters had handled 70 patients, 34 consultations, 152 visits, 5 obstetric cases, 10 continuous nursing days, 5 ante natal care, 7 clinic cases, 5 school visits, 570 miles travelled, ....'The committee wish to thank Messrs. Osbaldestone and Holmes for the use of their horses.'

Gifts to set up the Bush Nursing Hospital included fuel copper, hot water bags, set of saucepans, open order, merchandise, kitchenware, waterproof sheeting, garden seeds, tin of biscuits, slippers, handbag, camera, linen and parcels of babies clothes from the Listeners Circle Radio 2GZ at Orange.

CWA and other groups were keen supporters.

The Sister earned £36/8/4 pa & cottage insurance was 8/6, but later rose to 12/6.

In July 1940, in his third annual report, the President 'expressed regret that the prospect for continuance of the centre was not encouraging'.

At an August meeting people were keen to keep the hospital open, however I could find no further mention of this hospital.

Does anyone have further information, or a certificate of a birth or death there?

Deepwater had a Cottage Hospital for a while and Vegetable Creek Hospital is still open.