People congregated outside the Town Hall after Same Sex Marriage result

Gay marriage supporters gathered outside the Town Hall in Glen Innes and celebrated after the vote. They were jubilant, particularly as they said the town was rural and there was opposition (See video).

Gay celebrations in Glen Innes.

The area remained divided after the result of the survey on gay marriage, though with both sides saying tolerance was now needed.

In New England, the result was much closer than in the country as a whole. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 52.5 per cent were for and 47.5 per cent against. 

The Glen Innes area seems unlikely to be any less evenly divided.

The vicar of the the town’s Anglican church, the Reverend David Robinson, said: “I don’t know how those numbers translate to Glen Innes itself but it is clear that opinion is still quite divided on this issue. 

“What is important now is that we are generous and tolerant toward one another. I believe that we can all coexist despite the fact that there is disagreement and will be varying reactions to this result.”