Glen Innes Salvation Army Op Shop has reopened

The Glen Innes community came together last month to welcome back the Salvation Army Op Shop at the grand reopening.

After being closed to the community since late February this year, the Salvation Army Op Shop has reopened after undergoing numerous changes.

New store manager Daniel Hayes said the store was forced to close for a number of complex reasons, including lack of volunteers, and the impact of COVID amongst other things.

With a new store manager, wonderful team and a positive attitude the Salvation Army Op Shop team are excited to see the store flourish.

"Its been exciting to come to the point where we have got something off the ground again, and bringing something back into the community," Mr Hayes said.


The renovation process is still underway for the store, however they have already made a drastic improvement to the space, including changing the store's layout and giving it a fresh coat of paint.

"Quite a lot of work actually went into getting the store ready to be in a condition to be opened," Mr Hayes said.

"I think the store looks great."

Still in the process of getting the store back to a place of peak performance the team are currently trying to get the store able to accept donations again.

"We are hoping that within the next week we will be able open up donations again," Mr Hayes said.

"We greatly appreciate peoples generosity and we rely on that, we don't want to have donations shut for long than we need to."

Excited to see how the future of the store will go the Salvation Army team are looking for more volunteers.

"We are still recruiting, and always looking for volunteers," Mr Hayes said.

After the encouraging turn out at the store opening, Mr Hayes is optimistic for the store's future.

"It was great to see that people are excited to see the Salvos are back in town," he said.

"Our hope to make it more of a community hub where people can not only come and shop but also stop and have a free coffee sit and have a chat and develop a sense of community."

The store will now be operational Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 3pm.